Friday, 11 March 2011

Dear So and So.. the ill version

Dear Cold and cough and know apparently ear ache,

I have had enough. Do you hear me ENOUGH. I am so tired of this damned feeling that you have given me.


I will pay you....


Dear Car,

Yes you have caught this damned cold (see above too) but you don't have too:
a) use it as an excuse to moan at everybody all the damned time
b) use it as an excuse to go back to babyhood and demand me to get things for you all the damned time
c) sleep in anyone else's bed apart from your own - this is not a house of bed swaps!!

Please get better soon, I have had enough


Dear Neb,

So I tidied and you have managed to do the washing up but why can't you move your crap from the floor.
This magic house tidying fairy may just go on strike!

BNM (chief house tidying fairy!)

Dear Bel,

You need to stay away from me and Car or you will have a cold for next week. You need to be healthy and well so you can kick ass at the prelims (for the Eisteddfod). I know you'll be fine.

BNM (with pompoms!)

Dear PR people

I am so sorry that I am behind on my reviews. Once I find some energy to write something which hasn't got damn, crap or fuck in it I will write them. I promise....


If you wanna see some more cheerful Dear So and So's try there, I am off to sink deeper in my self misery.......