Tuesday, 4 December 2012

That talk

Having two girls it is inevitable that at some point or other I'm going to have to have that talk with them. Luckily Car is only 4 so that won't be for a while and the last time we had any such discussion it grossed her out - it was the what is that scar talk (my c -scar)

Unfortunately it may be needed sooner rather than later with Bel. She is 9 in February and after the recent mood swings we've had me and Neb both think that it may be needed. I also think she is starting to bud (breast wise) and so its going to have to happen.

Now, I know I am not a prude when it comes to things of a sexual nature (I'm not!) but how do I go about with this kind of conversation. The conversation I had with my mum was kind of not really there and without being able to ask her now I'm a bit stuck.

I know there are some great books you can get for this sort of thing but would rather sit and explain than let her read book.

I did manage to have a bit of a conversation with her on the weekend about why she may be getting moody etc but that's as far as it got.

Please help me before I end up doing this

 and letting Neb do it!