Monday, 28 January 2013

Meal Planning Monday - its nearly Feb edition

Well hello all, another week and the meal plan is ready again. Last week went well, we did manage to have a meal out on Friday in a local Italian style cafe bar restaurant which was great but then we carried on the evening with a few drinks which resulted in our supper on Saturday being a bits and bobs pick of things ie  salami, cheese, salad and bread (which meant that I didn't have to cook any thing and could just pick). I then recovered (ahem) on Sunday so we had a lovely Roast Beef with trimmings!

This week I've made a meal plan using an app I found called:

which means I can put all the plans on there, as well as recipes and grocery lists. I can also add what's in my pantry to it amongst other things that I still need to fiddle with! But if you have an android then this app looks  a great help! Obviously if you know a better one then let me know!

Anyway lets get on with what we're having this week. I've decided to also start letting you know what I'm going to be having for lunch because as a working mum, I find it hard not to have the same old boring lunches time and time again so am trying to jazz things up!

Monday - Lunch - Leftover Roast Beef Salad with Sundried Tomatoes, Feta Cheese and herb salad

Monday - Supper - Turkey Kebabs, Rice and Sweetcorn and left over swedes and carrot mash

Tuesday - Lunch - Roast Beef and Yorkshire Blue sandwich with melon for afters

Tuesday - Supper -Fish bites for the kids with chips and pasta shapes 

Wednesday - I've seen a recipe for Spicy Lentil Soup so I'm going to make some of this for the rest of the week

Wednesday -Supper - Lasagne

Thursday - Lunch - some more soup or even leftover Lasagne

Thursday -  Supper - Brinner

Friday - Lunch - going out with work colleagues

Friday - Curry although I may make this on Saturday instead depending on mood!

Saturday - Lunch - Toasties for all

Saturday - Supper undecided may swap with Fridays!

Sunday - Roast Dinner!!

I'm joining in as always with Mrs M - why don't you do one as well and see if we can make her even more flabbergasted and get more than 52!