Friday, 1 February 2013

Why this week has made me panic

Wednesday night was just another normal night. We had some wine after sending the kids to bed (my midweek treat) and just as we were getting cozy (with the sky planner) Bel came downstairs.

Mummy my rash (which I'd seen earlier) has got worse.

Sure enough, she had reddy what looked like blood blisters on her chest -about 5 of them and a rash on her arms.

So I went into uber panic mode, got a glass out and swore she had meningitis! I asked Neb how much he'd drank of his wine and made her get dressed. Neb went to the kitchen and by the time he came back I was on the tablet checking out meningitis. I told Neb that she had to go to A&E and he got me a fag and made me calm down.

So I then rang NHS direct and spoke to them who asked many questions and seeing as Bel had no other symptoms (apparently the glass test isn't always right!) I was told to keep an eye on her and a nurse would ring back in an hour! Well as you can imagine,  for that hour I was on tenter hooks checking up on the rash every 10mins. Luckily the nurse who rang back was very calming and all was well but she did say that Bel should be kept off school until the rash went as it could be contagious! She also asked that I give her some anti histamine to bring the rash down (being a great mum, I've a medicine cabinet full of drugs!

When Neb took Car to school the next day we actually found out what was wrong with Bel.Apparently the virus Slapped Cheek is going round schools in the area and after using the great god Google,  I found out that it was at one point contagious but now that the rash has come ofur she is safe. She does bless her look like she has been slapped in the face or as Neb said just a bit rosy cheeked!

All is well now, the rash seems to be going down but we're just waiting for Car to catch it so I can have another panic attack......