Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Of cars and cariad

Day three into the blogging challenge and things are going well, I did cheat a bit yesterday and use Bel's notebook and not the tablet but I needed to use some photos.

Today is brought to you by the letter C a la Sesame street.

A new C coming into the BNM household is a new car. The ford focus is going and we are opting for a non estate car and getting a newish passat. That is the end of my car knowledge though Neb is now happy that this knowledge does extend to makes and not just colours! It's blue by the way!

Cariad is the Welsh word for love and the love for my family grows stronger everyday, even with all their foibles I wouldn't do without them. Rwyn caru chi I gyd.

Before I pop off and go and finish my coffee (another C I couldn't do without), I hope you haven't all stuffed your faces with chocolate and have some leftover since Sunday.

C u all tomorrow