Friday, 23 August 2013

Paying it forward-sharing some happy Badger love

Sometimes I see things and  then out of my brain up pops an idea. I then send it via email and think nothing of it but when I get a reply it makes me smile. Not as much as the smile on RP's face (I imagine anyway) when I told her about it!
So, I hear you ask what are you wittering on about now BNM.... well there is a Badger sharing love among bloggers at the moment. The Happy Badger is donating money to charity. Read his mission below

I ’m the Happy Badger, welcome to my little corner of the world!
We badgers have a bit of a reputation as grumpy critters, but I’ve chosen to devote myself to spreading happiness as far across the blogosphere as I can. Maybe you can help me?
I’m looking for bloggers who can help me spread the news about a charity they care about.
As an AO Happy Badger you can display my badge with pride, knowing that you’ve furthered the cause of universal happiness!

So when I heard about him I knew I wanted him to help RP with raising money whilst doing the Great North Run.

RP and I have known each other since university and is one of the friends who I have stayed in contact with. It is my fault that she blogs but I promise that I won't let her hold that against me!

When I heard that RP's uncle had died of cancer, I was unsure what to say to her. Having lost my mum to cancer, you think I'd know what to say. But when her Uncle had been in remission for so long its hard to know what to say. Hard to put into words that I was there for her, that I knew it hurt and that I was sorry that it had to take him away in such a short time so that goodbyes would be  rushed.

RP is running the Great North Run in memory of her Uncle and for St Gemma's hospice in Yorkshire.

St Gemma's Hospice do not charge for the care that they give to families and their loved ones during the difficult time when supporting people with a terminal illness. They don't get an income from the NHS and rely on donations and support from the public to run their hospice. I think its great that hopsice's exist to support families when being in hospital is no longer an option.

I'm glad that the Happy Badger can help RP on her mission to raise money towards the Hospice and hope that the donation she gets gives her a boost to get many more donations. (including mine which will be given on Payday!).  If you want to donate to this worthy cause please email me ( and I will pass on your details to her.

If you think the Happy Badger can help you then visit his site and share the love.