Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas food - pate

There is something that to me makes Christmas and that is pate. I love pate and luckily noone else in the hoise does so I end up eating it all myself. I know you can get it all year round but we used to have it as a started on Boxing day when I was younger (Prawn Cocktail on Christmas Day!)

I normally eat an ardennes Pate but this year I got the chance to try something different.

Patchwork Pate is a Welsh company and started with a  £9.00 start up cost by single mother Margaret who made the pate at home had to then move in 1987 to a factory in Ruthin. It is still made in the factory to this day and is still made in small batches.

Being Welsh, I love to support my nations producers and was really excited to taste the product I was sent.

I've never had Partridge before and was concerned that I wouldn't like the taste of the game bird but I love it! Teh pate is one of the limited edition range for Christmas and tastes sweet but rich. I've had it on toast, on bread and on my finger (well I couldn't wait to taste it!).
Patchwork food can be bought all over the UK (there's a handy postcode searcher for stockists on their website) or you can buy direct from the source.

If your looking for something to start your meal then I would recommend the Patchwork pates.  They also stock other items form chocolate terrines, to ice creams to chutneys to other Welsh products.