Monday, 4 February 2013

Meal planning Monday, the mmm edition

Well last week's meals all went great, the soup was great and on Saturday me and Neb had satay. The recipe I used seemed to give an odd satay mix so next time we're planning of adding coconut milk to it. 

Yesterday's meal was roast chicken,  so leftovers will rule for the first part of this week.

Monday   leftover roast chicken  - either as redo roast or stir fry
Tuesday   roasted tomato and prosciutto pasta

Wednesday hot dogs -normal for the kids whilst me and Neb will have chili dogs (leftover chili will be frozen to add to the leftover lasagna from last week in the freezer - for those  I can't be bothered times!)

Thursday Italian chicken bake

Friday  jacket spuds and toppings

Saturday going over to Wi's house for a sleepover and the rugby is on so hopefully a fun time will be had by all!

Sunday? ????

The soup that I'm going to make with the chicken stock this week will be broccoli and potato,  a firm favourite of mine 

I hope you all have some great meal plans too, need some new ideas for next week so I'll definitely be reading all the ideas with Mrs M.