Friday, 14 June 2013

My recent reads and some totty!

I love reading and I love a huge range of books but since getting the kindle app on my tablet I have read loads and so I thought I'd share with you the recent reads!!

Murder on the Mind  L. L. Bartlett
One of the first books I read, which is currently free on the kindle chart was Murder on the Mind by L.L Bartlett. The stories are based on  a down-on-his luck former insurance investigator Jeff Resnick who after a vicious mugging in Manhattan, is able to sense things others can’t. He returns to live in Buffalo, with his half-brother Richard and with his new found sense leads him to solve vicious crimes. I loved this story and book so much that I've now read all 7 of the other books (and short stories) and can't wait for the next mystery. So if your into mystery and can believe the unbelievable then this book is for you:

The Mammacita murders Debra Mares

Again another book that is based on murder and based on the life of sex crimes prosecutor's Gaby Ruiz and her gritty and often heartbreaking job. I loved this book though note that as it is an American book some reviews had not been favourable to it but as I have read many American murder mystery books it all seemed fine.

Don't forget your miracle pants Jackie Taylor Justice

A laugh out loud comedy true to life book. I loved this book and then made a friend get it and she loved it and I think you should get it to!!
A book about finding love the second time around which is definitely a comedy!

And finally the book that I'm working my way through case by case:

The complete Sherlock Holmes eBook -  Arthur Conan Doyle

What can I say a classic and only because we have recently finished watching Elementary. And I'm missing Sherlock. So, now I can read and think about Johnny. I mean you wouldn't throw him out of bed would you:

So what books have you read recently, please share below and I will go and see if I can read them.