Friday, 19 July 2013

Hello Kitty Book Review AND COMPETITION

My little girl has become a Huge fan of Hello Kitty. No more, the pig will she play with but everything must be Hello Kitty:

So when the opportunity came to review some of the new Hello Kitty and Friends books, I jumped at the task. And so one day a parcel arrived with not one book in, but 5 books:

I had one very excited and bouncy little girl. And then she realised that one was missing. Number 5 isn't here mummy. I could say nothing as was shocked to receive so many and was still saying Thank You under my breath to the lovely PR's who sent them.

Anyway that evening, we had to read one of the books.The writing was small but manageable for Car but she decided only to read the larger print words which appear when something exciting is happening and are normally made to look like the word. For example,. the word running seems to dash across the page. We read a chapter and she was so excited she sat there quietly (which is amazing!).

The next day, I got home from work and we had another parcel awaiting. In it was number 5. Car was overjoyed and started hugging me and Neb and the cats.

She took the book upstairs so that she could work out the secret code in the backcover - she was amazed that me and Neb could read the word without looking in a mirror!
Then it went quiet, and I walked upstairs to see what she was doing. My little 5 year old girl was sat there reading the Hello Kitty book to herself. Actually properly reading - it bought a tear to my eye. Needless to say she absolutely loves the books!*

The new Hello Kitty and friends series is a good first series for someone who is starting to become a confident reader. I think as she loves Hello Kitty, Car will reread these books over and over again (she may be a bit fed up of Chip and Kipper). The stories are based on Hello Kitty joining a new school, and making new friends and realising that different people like different things, and also gives advice on how to be a great friend. The end of the book has activities that Car will love doing over the summer holidays and there is even a website for the books

The books are published by Harper Collins and are available on Amazon (currently at £3.74 each)

Now, how would you like to win the series of Hello Kitty books for your little fan. Yes you got it, not one, not two but the entire 6. Some great summer reading for them.
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I was sent the Hello Kitty series to reveiw and all opinions given are mine and Car's. 
* she has even started calling Neb Papa instead of Daddy!