Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

Ok, so I may have borrowed this idea from A Mother's ramblings but its because she got me thinking of songs we have in the car. I've also just been reading some blog posts and realise that there is a competition I can enter if I just add this Money Supermarket linky

We are going on holiday in 13 days (I'm really excited and have been looking at places we can take the kids and places we can eat and.....) and as its a Saturday the radio may not be that good (radio 2 and that evil irish man). So what do we listen to in the car.

Well for my birthday , I got this CD and as I remember all the old songs its great so we can all sing along:

The girls think its funny when I sing along to any of the songs on this and then start to dance in the car. I'm not though allowed to dance to the last track on the 3 cd album as they think I do it badly (that'll be gangnam style!)

Neb likes to have some rock in the car and we love to sing:

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama

We also love to sing along to some Kid Rock as Neb has the CD and it always makes me think of summer holidays and that time BC* when I didn't have to worry about swear words in songs. If we listen to this now, we both sing louder and try and remember where the swear words are

Kid Rock - All Summer Long

We also have a device that plugs our ipods into the car so we get to listen to loads of different kinds of music. I tend to go a bit Glee mad when this happens and make everyone listen to them. Or I regress to being young and listen to some lovely Deacon Blue (which always makes me smile on a summers day!)

Deacon Blue - Real Gone Kid

The kids are happy with most songs but they both know the words to this song and its very funny hearing Car sing it:

What have you got on the stereo this summer?