Thursday, 25 July 2013


I've mentioned before how Bel is a history buff. At the recent International Day at school she was upset that I wouldn't send her as a Roman in a toga! She has a thirst for history and loves reading about Egyptians, Romans and the likes. Her love even stretches to Horrible Histories and she is always asking me if she can go on Gory Games.

So when asked if I would like to review some books that were for boys but about History then I jumped at the chance. Bel doesn't do girl books and I think the idea of reading about ponies or schoolgirls repulses her ( I used to love Mallory Towers me) and we all know what happened when I gave her The Famous Five to read (not exciting Mummy!)

Time Hunters is a great series of books that would make all history and adventure loving kids (boys or girls) squeal with joy! Bel was excited when she received not just one of them but all of them (bar the new ones which she is waiting for with baited breath!)

The series is based on a boy, Tom who accidentally smashes a pottery statue whilst at a museum. In doing so he releases Isis (a Egyptian mummy who has been imprisoned for thousands of years and can't get to the afterlife ). He helps Isis break her curse by travelling back in time to find six hidden amulets and whilst doing so battles history's mightiest warriors. Now as Bel loves all things history she devoured these books and keeps on asking me when books 5 and 6 will be out ( January 2014!) . When I asked what bits she liked she said:  the story is great and keeps you entertained and Isis , Cleo (the cat) and Tom have great adventures. Bel read the first four in a week!

The books are available on amazon priced at £4.49

And as promised I have the first 4 in this series to give away.

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  • The deadline for entering the giveaway is Thursday 1st August at 12am

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