Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nothing to report

Yes I'm still alive but there's not much else to report.

We've managed to get the kids back to school without too much fuss, they didn't have to have new shoes (thankfully feet haven't grown and darling OH did a great job polishing them). I wasn't lucky enough to get school uniform from Tesco's this year but knowing the quality I did get the girls 2 pairs of trousers each, 2 x 2 pack sof polo shirts and a cardigan each for £36. I can't believe they have both gone up a year, one in year 1 and the other now in year 5.

Returning to work after the holidays was hard but now things are hotting up and soon my desk will disappear under paper.

We are still eating even though no meal plan this week, but it has been mainly pasta and freezer hunts! Apart from last night when we had curry for our anniversary dinner. 9 years and I love him more than ever.

So that's me, nothing exciting, though I guess I best start thinking about Christmas soon ... Aagh!