Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Meal Planning...Wednesday

 I actually wrote this the other day but work has been hectic and we only did our shop yesterday so this is what we are having. Some of the things will have to be moved around as the students have returned here and there was NO MINCE at all in both Lidl and Morrison's yesterday! We also seem to have an issue in finding Lamb mince as the meal * has been moved around the meal plan several times already recently.

Monday - takeaway - we had McD's

Tuesday - *Lamb mince, pitta and salad (Neb makes a great mix with lots of coriander, mint, red onion, lime and lemon) - except there was no mince again so the kids had pizza and salad

Wednesday - Cheesy Potato pie (or maybe Lamb!)

Thursday - Tuna Pasta and Sweetcorn (or maybe Lamb)

Fri - Flat Chicken, Chips and Salad (also known as Chicken Escalopes) (or maybe Lamb)

Saturday - Steak, Chips, Tomato and Mushroom

Sunday - Roast Something (possibly pork) (or maybe even Lamb balls)

Hope your all having a less busy time than I am. As always linking up with Mrs M.