Thursday, 10 October 2013

Review: Alphabites

You may have all guessed by now but we're big Bear fans here in the BNM household. Bear are manufacturers of fruit snacks for both young and old and have been a kind of hit in this family. So when I got the email asking if I'd review their new multigrain cereal, I knew I couldn't say no.

The Alphabites are a naturally better breakfast with

Now normally the kids will not tuck into anything too healthy at breakfast always nagging for the chocolate cereal.... so I was surprised at how much they loved these. Alphabites are made with no refined sugar but they do use a  natural alternate which is coconut blossom nectar, the deliciously sweet sap found in the flowers of the coconut tree. I was surprised at how sweet the cereal tasted. Before eating them with milk, we did have a sneak taste of them and I could see them being a great snack if you had a toddler. (I used to give the girls cereal in a pot to keep them going).

As well as eating the Alphabites, the kids also had fun making some Bears of their own.

So, our overall opinion - well we all love them. We loved the box it came in (thanks for the letters) and we love the cereal (that's all of us!)

If you want to try the new cereal from Bears then pop over to your local Waitrose or Holland & Barrett to buy them.


We were sent this product to review and all opinions given are ours alone.