Tuesday, 10 July 2012


I've just realised as I was typing this that fluffing means something completely different in this day and age and am not about to share with you any pornographic matter (but I'm sure my stats will go sky high again especially as the most looked for thing that gets people here is Naked Mummy, which I'm not by the way!)

Anyway, I digress what I actually mean is farting!

And do you know it seems that I have a family of farters, King Neb, Princess Bel Fluffalot and Princess Car fartpants. And they think its funny to do it

I know that I've said before that after Christmas dinners, or rich meals I may let one or two loose but you would think that I live with a herd of elephnats ( I don't know if they fart but if they did it would be the same) .

Princess Bel Fluffalot and Princess Car Fartpants love the "Pull My finger" routine which I've refused to do. Princess Bel Fluffalot has the smelliest farts in the world (bar King Neb's when he's had a few) and has no issue in wafting her smells at us all.

It has got so bad that I have banned farting in the kitchen. I mean its obviously unhealthy, noxious gas and food. And if I could work out what to feed them for sweet smelling farts then I would!


And just for my kids: