Friday, 4 January 2013

Clearout - Master Bedroom

Wordle: Spring cleaning 2 

Tidying - is it a New Year thing, one of those resolutions whatsits.

If you know me, you may guess that I'm not a tidy person (ha ha) and neither is my husband which sometimes leads to a cluttered house (OK I lie all the time!)
Now I live in a rented house and before Christmas we were due a visit by house check visit which we managed to put off until next week. But that didn't mean we rested on our laurels no one day last year I decided to sort out our bedroom.

Due to lack of space, laziness etc Car's cot was still up in our bedroom but being used as a storage unit (no money equals no posh ones from IKEA for us) and so I decided that had to go. We took to the recycling in total 18 bags of clothes- I was brutally honest with what would ever fit us again ( my size 10 cocktail dress that I wore for my first uni ball - GONE, Neb's YSL white shirt that had gone yellow with age - GONE!

Now I have a bedroom which is ours again, except that we have nowhere to keep the clothes we have left.

This is what's in it so any ideas much appreciated - at some point at like to make it a bit more cosy and not so full of books but unfortunately our house is full of books!!!
So the Master bedroom is nearly there - may need to rearrange some of the storage ideas, but unfortunately the chest of drawers, dressing table and book stand all came from Neb's grandfather so sentimentally worth something to him. I need some kind of clothes storage next to window 2 so need to look into that!

While also browsing the net I came across the idea of going upwards - so having the books and other items above our head instead of all over the place. These in the picture below look nice but then the room looks bigger

I also noticed this morning that the 'bookstand' has actually got videos in it - the TV in our bedroom has a built in video player but don't actually know if we will ever get round to watching them all again. Any suggestions on where I can sell them!!

I hope to give you bore you with the details of the rest of the house soon


Thanks to Emma over at Building Our family Nest for the indirect inspiration for this post!