Thursday, 1 August 2013

BNM goes.. crabbing

Hello, I know I've been quiet on here since Monday but we've been busy.

On Tuesday we were meant to be having a sleep over with my friend Bony but after her and her daughter had a hectic weekend at Beaver camp and were knackered, we just went over to play and chat.

Bony made us a lovely supper of homemade pizza and then we ventured out as the weather was warming up again. She bought along some crab lines (£1 each from local shops) and with a bag of rancid bacon and some treats (not in the same bag) we ventured out to our local harbour.

Now I've always dreaded taking our kids crabbing as the thought of losing either over the edge makes both me and Neb cringe. Neb got a bit hysterical about everything and made sure that the kids were sat down a bit away from the edge (while trying not to watch Bony with her legs dangling over the edge and her daughter leaning over!!).

Bony being the professional got our crab lines ready and we were away. We only managed to catch one crab between the 6 of us- though many did get away (I swear I had a huge one on my line at one time!!)

We let her go ( Bony's daughter said it was a her due to the pink bucket) and watch her scurry sideways back to sea.

We then went for a look in some rockpools (but found nothing only a lot of sea snails). All in all we had a fun day and may do crabbing again with the kids (though lower down the harbour wall!)