Thursday, 14 November 2013

Film night - The Big Wedding review

Having had kids, we don't tend to go to the cinema very often (well not to watch adult films anyway - the last film me and Neb watched together in the cinema was Cowboys vs Aliens on a rare summer when the kids were at their grandparents!)

So, when I get asked if I want to review a film, I jump at the chance. And then life takes over and I forget to watch it but Saturday night with the TV to myself, I sat down and watched it.

The Big Wedding is a film that made me smile, laugh, cry and cringe with it. A general feel good movie and what happens when all you want is the perfect wedding so you tell one little white lie which ends in some hilarity's. Sit down, relax with some wine and enjoy watching the Griffins survive the Big Wedding.

The Big Wedding has a host of stars: Robert DeNiro, Diana Keaton, Robin Williams and Katherine Heigl are the ones I recognised. There are plenty of others too, the bride Amanda Seyfried is no stranger to the bride role being the bride in Mamma Mia!

 The Big Wedding came out on DVD on the 14th October and I think it would make a great Christmas present for the Aunt, Mum , Sister (or even yourself).

It's currently for sale on Amazon at £10 so a great stocking filler for someone.

Don't take my word for it - have a look at the trailer below.


I was sent a review copy of the Big Wedding to watch. All opinions given are my own.