Monday, 11 November 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the birthday edition

Well, last weeks meal plan went kinda well - apart from the fact that we had bits and bobs on Saturday but that's because the rugby was on and I couldn't really be bothered to cook.

This week is Neb's birthday week and though we haven't got a special meal planned for him on his birthday I am going to make some Thai Burgers on the weekend which he does really like (hopefully!)

Monday -  Leftover roast chicken in some guise or other (we had a bay roast chicken last night which was yummy so there may be not much left)

Tuesday - Pasta

Wednesday - Homemade sausage rolls and some kind of potato dish (rosti possibly)

Thursday -  Bread crumbed stuffed chicken (stuffed with mozzarella and pesto) with gnocchi (fried)

Friday -  Jacket Spuds with toppings

Saturday -  Thai Burgers for me and Neb, normal burgers for the kids

I also did some baking yesterday: Chocolate spread muffins (very yummy) and if I get the recipe right I am going to make some spiced muffins this week and possibly (if your lucky) a birthday cake of some kind!

Hope you all have great meals this week