The Monkey and The Mouse - REVIEW

A while ago, I started up Feel Good Friday and mentioned a fantastic new web comic that I'd fallen in love with.

The comic written by Kev Brett is loosely based on his children and their interactions with the world.
The Monkey and The Mouse is wet yourself funny and I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the minibook to review recently.

The minibook,entitled the marvelous, mischief and mayhem of The Monkey and the Mouse: Episode 1 is available to buy here  for £1.95 and  is THE best comic book I've read in a while (I would put it on the same level as Calvin & Hobbes which I read on holiday).

I printed the minibook off  and it is a favourite in the BNM household. Neb thinks that it is a funny spin on those things that happen in parenthood but that we could never put in pictures. So well done you Kev for being so artisitc. Our best post is the finished one as its something that used to happen a lot with Car. The Minibook also has guest art from different sources around the web and I love the Dr Whoesque one, I think Monkey looks good in the tardis.

So, if you fancy a good laugh, go buy it or I will have to shoot you!


I was sent a pdf version of the minibook to review. All opinions given are from the BNM household.
 Image taken from The Monkey and the Mouse website.